Parties and celebrations at Operaterrassen

At Operaterrassen, we understand the importance of celebrating life's big events in a memorable way. That's why we're ready to assist when it's time to host your next private event, whether it's a big party or an intimate dinner. We have extensive experience in event planning and venues suitable for both small and large groups. Our professional event planners and chefs will ensure that everything is in place to provide you and your guests with an unforgettable experience. Please feel free to contact us at Operaterrassen to discuss how we can make your next event something truly special.

Birthday celebrations

Birthdays should be celebrated and we at Operakällaren are happy to help with that. We have extensive experience in hosting large private parties and always deliver an evening beyond the ordinary.

Baptism and naming cermonies

Invite your loved ones to a christening or naming ceremony at Operakällaren. Gather family and friends for a pleasant and intimate event.