Birthday celebrations at the Opera Terrace

Birthdays should be celebrated, and we at Operakällaren are happy to help. With extensive experience in hosting private parties, we always deliver an extraordinary evening.

The best way to celebrate your birthday is at Operakällaren. We have several beautiful venues and are very experienced in planning and executing private events, large and small.

Two floors up from the dining room are Operakällaren's large and flexible party floor, Operaterrassen. The view from the panoramic windows is magnificent, overlooking the Royal Palace, Parliament House, and the Stockholm stream, where each season has its special charm. At Operaterrassen, the possibilities for parties are endless. The venue can accommodate up to 360 dinner guests, and thanks to elegant sliding walls, the room can be adjusted to the size of the party.

No matter how you want your birthday celebration to look, we will help you arrange an unforgettable day or evening. With us, everything is possible.